Empower by Giving Work

#️⃣ KEYWORDS: #employment #labour
📞 CONTACT: Ahmad Achend EF, good English, +62 853-3729-9283
📍Location: -8.43936, 116.07744 (Copy the line an get the exact google maps coordinate)

💪 GOAL : Achend is a photographer and would love to earn honest money again. He doesn't want donations – he prefers to work for it.
- A new camera that can film
- job offers (He can come to Bali and the Gillis too)

He had a lot of weddings and Photoshoots before (product shots, branding and lifestyle content) but now after the earthquake, this industry is almost not existing. Maybe you need a photographer or know someone that needs someone. (Achend can easily also go to Gillies or Bali if needed). He always used to say – Good things happen to good people. I think this time he will need some help.