English Classes

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📞 CONTACT: Rauhil Mahfuzhoho, Very good English, +62 877-5453-3056 (WhatsApp)
📍Location: -8.64186, 116.53014 (Copy the line an get the exact google maps coordinate)
💪 GOAL :
- Go and visit them
- They want to create a partnership with other countries and motivate kids to learn English to exchange with them
- funding for teachers salary
- The library always need updates (new and second-hand books are welcome)

I met Rauhil and was invited to stay in their house and join Best One Education for some time. They offer two levels of English classes with every 75 students. Before one can take the second level they need to graduate the first level. In total, they have about 150 students, 20 teachers and offer English classes to students from Elementary school, Junior High School, Senior High School, English teachers and people who need English to improve their business. They think quality work needed to be paid well and the salary for teachers are ridiculously cheap. They want to break that cyle and offer a salary for each teacher per class for 50K (or 75K if with health care insurance included). Each teacher has about 24 classes a month and offers them a salary that is 1.2 mil (75 Euro, 85 USD). Best One Education believes that if Indonesia wants to evolve they have to become more open-minded and use their global chances of exchange with the rest of the world. English is a requirement and can give people freedom and opportunities.