Sony a7r iii Harga
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Sony a7r iii Harga

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Achend lost his camera due to the earthquake, as most of his equipment. He already got a donation for a laptop (it often can't handle big files as the storage is too small but it possible to work). But he is still dreaming on an iMac (maybe you have one in second hand)? But what he really needs is a camera that can also record videos. He has worked with product shoots, weddings and branding. If you want to support an artist to become financially independent please support Achend with his work equipment. (Maybe you even have such a camera and could donate it second hand). 

His dream set up is a Sony a7r iii harga. 

Achend tried to get a loan in the bank to finance the camera but the banks are overwhelmed by applicants now after the earthquake. But Achend is very ambitious about this camera, maybe he can work for you or get a loan – but this camera really means a lot to him. 

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