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📞 CONTACT: Ak Haji Lombok, good English, +62 852-8719-5641 (WhatsApp)
📍Location: 8°21'54.2"S 116°06'26.4"E (Copy the line an get the exact google maps coordinate)

💪 GOAL :
Now the kids have classes under hot solar sails if it rains there is no shelter and they have no toys or creative material. The kindergarten believes that especially now after the earthquake it's important to give kids a safe space to play and just be a kid. They need to rebuild the facility and could need donations to equip the kindergarten.

- Isolation roof (approximately 3 mil, 215 USD, 190 Euro)
- kids desk (min 30 desks 1=80k = 2.4 mil, 155 Euro, 175 USD)
- Kids books, toys, pencils, white paper and drawing books (second hand or new)
Kindergartens get no financial support from the government at all. Kids that visit the Kindergarten are between 3-6 years old and they have a total of 73 kids visiting the facility now daily after the earthquake – before they had even more. The only support that they newly got granted by the government is1 mil per teacher per year (they have 5 teachers) which leaves every teacher with a salary of 6 USD (5 Euro) a month. (In comparison the best possible salary for a teacher is 2 mil which is 125 Euro or 140 USD.) They started to rebuild the facility with cheap material like metal (which will be very hot during day time. (They might need funding to isolate the roof). Furthermore, they need kids to clap desks and toys and creative material