Library North Lombok

#️⃣ KEYWORDS: #Education #Sustainability
📞 CONTACT: Eka EF Leong, only speaks Indonesian please use Google translate +62 823-5907-0674 (WhatsApp)
📍Location: 8°25'22.8"S 116°09'33.7"E

💪 GOAL: Educate kids and give access to literature in North of Lombok which got very affected by the earthquake. They have a bunch of activities as well and focus on sustainability and community development. At the moment they have about 50 books and desperately need more kids friendly books (storybooks (English, Indonesian) and books with pictures)
📚 more books (storybooks (English, Indonesian) and books with pictures)
🗃️ desks (So far they don't have any desks but want to buy small kids desks that can be folded 1 cost 80k – they need 30. (30x80= 2.4 mil , 155 Euro, 175 USD)
✏️ creative material  like drawing books, pencils and sketchbooks or white paper to draw
🙋 They would like to collaborate and love visitors

This is an after-school place for children and students to gather, read books, practice music, learn to draw and play. But in the future, we will try to educate students themselves. Current books that are available are adult books – we think they are not good for children. (Such as college books, novels, story books, 10 picture books – around 50 books are available now.)