Rauhil exchange Master

  1. 🤓 ABOUT: Who are you? Why would someone invest in you...what value do you bring into this world.

I am Rauhil presmi, and I am 27 years old. My passion in education and I am currently running my own foundation called BestOne Education. I established this this institution focuses on promoting equality in education. I am really concerned about the quality of education in early education, considering that it is can be deciding factor for students’ success in the future. Taking this into consideration, I have run programs such as improving children communicative skill through speech, English village program to improve basic English communication for community and so forth. This kind of dedication and participation in community is one reason for me to have support for further education. 

  1. đź’Ş GOAL : What do you want to achieve what do you care about

Considering the inequality in education between the rich and the poor in my region, it is then critically important to promote the importance of education regardless of gender and economic background. Through my foundation, BestOne Education, I will provide help for those potentially neglected students and vulnerable ones to drop out of the school by encouraging government and educational stakeholders to provide free access to education or ask for compensation. Beside this, I will seek help from international organizations for sponsorship program for those disadvantaged students.

  1. ❤ NEEDED: What help do you need, if you get support – what would that be

To achieve my goal in combating the educational disparity in my area, I wish to pursue my study to postgraduate level under sponsorship program. I am interested to continue my study to Australia taking course of Early Childhood education. This specialization is critically important to solve issue in early learning in my hometown as the one the most important foundation for students to flourish in the next educational level. There is severely limited expert in this field making hard for government to improve the quality in early education system. By upgrading my educational background in this field, it can help me to improve my competence in education, broaden my horizon and expand my networking skill. These kind of skills and knowledge can enable me to run my foundation in the effort of promoting equality in education in home country.


 Brief profile of the Institution

 BestOne Education is one Non-Profit Organization established in 2016 in East Lombok of West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. The main goal of the institution is to promote the equality in education regardless of student’s economic background and promote global partnership. This organisation is initiated by the fact that the increased number of students who could not afford for higher education because of economic problem, and the community low-awareness of the importance of education for children’s bright future. It is also motivated by the significance of the global partnership between schools in Lombok and oversea educational institution in the pursuit of mutual learning opportunities. 

Founders  Targeted People

M. Junaidi Marzuki and Rauhil Presmi.

Disadvantaged Students & teachers, and schools in low-income urban areas.

Mission and Goal

To ensure that students from low-income family have access to higher education, and connect disadvantaged schools to the global educational community through global partnership.

Core Values

responsibility, excelence and inspiration 

Type of programs

Provide scholarship for students from low-income family, Provide incentive for highly dedicated teachers, build school infrastructure, teacher professional development, voluntary teacher and global school partnership.

Current Projects

“English Village Program”. This program is designed to help community to improve their speaking proficiency in response to the implementation of ASEAN Economic Community.


Contact: +62 877-5453-3056 (whatsapp)