Refugee Camp East

#️⃣ KEYWORDS: #housing #food #water #education #cloth
📞 CONTACT: Edy, very good English, +62 823-3929-9808 (WhatsApp)
📍Location: 8°35'01.0"S 116°24'08.9"E (Close to the tourist area of Mount Batur)
💪 GOAL :
We install a drop off place for food, cloth and donations. If you don't want to send money and you are close to Bali or Lombok or have friends in the area. Ask them to leave some food, cloth or toys for the kids. Go and meet the people and see with own eyes how it looks like to live in a tent, losing everything and living a strong sense of community.

- Food
- Cloth
- Rebuild houses
- Toys and books for kids
- Water filter

1 month ago another earthquake (March) after a series of quakes in August.
353 house broke down completely after the latest earthquake.
The government starts to rebuild and gives material for a group of 10 people. (To be more resourceful and establish an infrastructure for material and labour). In East Lombok schools just got a bit affected, but the government is already funding the renovation. The total number of facilities who got damaged In Lombok is bigger than the earthquake and tsunami in Sulawesi but Sulawesi had more people injured and dead. (In east Lombok luckily nobody died). East Lombok has access to fresh springs, the water is not totally clean and can still be contaminated, which is the reason why they can still need water filter.