Rolling Library


#️⃣ KEYWORDS: #education
📞 CONTACT: Adam, good English, +62 878-6536-7878 (WhatsApp)
📍Location: All over in Lombok especially in remote areas where education is hard to access
💪 GOAL : It's great to have a library in big cities or close by but we believe if the resources would be mobile we could reach even more students. Books itself are not very appealing to kids it needs teachers who catch their attention, create activities and games around it. Once the rolling library is set up it will be managed by Endri Foundation which has numerous programs, volunteers and teachers who want to spread knowledge and give kids especially now after the earthquake a piece of childhood back. Once the library is up and running it easily can host foreign volunteers to join for a day or two if they visit Lombok and visit kids, speak English and share some knowledge.

- A van (new 100 mil)
- Books and facilities (500 books 50 mil)
Total 150 mil IDR, (9,400 Euro, 10,600 USD)

Endri Foundation started off 4 years ago with main focus on health care. Now they have grown a lot the past year and solve many problems. They provide help for sick and disables, education, do emergency aid, helped in many ways now after the earthquake to develop the community, rebuild facilities, provide food and medicine and build infrastructure. They care about transparency and are by far the most trustworthy and best organised NGO in Indonesia.