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📍Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/ECqf8yEyKwG7aE929
💪 GOAL: My big dream is to contribute as much as l can for my society especially in education and tourism. I care about the young generation and want to give them a chance to continue their study, helping them to get a better education, help people who drop out school and people who are jobless to find job.
❤ NEEDED: What help do you need?. I really need funds or scholarship to continue my study in field leadership and management tourism.
🤓 ABOUT: l am Riadatus Solihin. I am an eighth-semester student of English Study Department at Hamzanwadi University. I was to be a leader of the English Student Association at my University. Here, l am responsible for designing a good program for my colleague and execute the program designed for my beloved institution. In this organisation, we have conducted two society service name general English training for University students, and we conducted an English training Course for senior high school in West Nusa Tenggara. This volunteer program aimed to motivate the students to learn English as they need in this globalization era. In this program also we initiated every school have an English club so that they can learn English easily. While mentioning that kind of social volunteer program l am also active in some of the local community services in my village such as Youth Care Zero Waste Lombok community Which is the focus and keep our environment and build local economies, and Lombok Education Center community which is focused on prepare West Nusa Tenggara Smart generation.
Nowadays, l am a leader of "Linkage Education" Linkage Education is a non-profit institution that focus on inspiring and empowering the young generation to have better Education and development youth, especially who dropped out school or didn't continue their study. In linkage education we have to conduct some program such as General English training and TOEFL training, this program aims to inspire and empower young generation to have high motivation to study and also prepare them to find the scholarship to continue their study after they finished their senior high school this goal aims to decrease drop out school and increase Lombok education grade. We also plan to provide English training for tourism for jobless people especially youth or drop out of school, this program will focus on training them in tourism site to help them find a job easily in tourism site.
My big dream is to contribute as much as l can for my community or society in my area. Therefore, l have big motivation to continue my master degree, especially in tourism site. Lombok has many famous signts but little human resources for tourism. l absolutely want to continue my master degree by taking Leadership and Management for tourism. I believe that by taking this master degree l can contribute more to my society in my area. If l can continue my master degree and finished it l would like to build my community to give better service to our society young generation, youth and build local economy especially in tourism site.
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