Water Crisis North Lombok

(The Indonesian Red Cross pumps water from a water truck into clean buckets after the earthquake)

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📞 CONTACT: Adam, good English +62 878-6536-7878 (WhatsApp)
📍Location: North Lombok
💪 GOAL :
They can need a lot of help but this project is focused on collecting water in North Lombok. Now after the earthquake a whole infrastructure of what supplies collapsed, the rainy season is over and leaves soon many people without access to water.
> There are no rivers accessible (or the water is dirty and they don't have water filter jet)
> They don't have the money to buy clean water in gallons (1 gallon is 20k they can eat for that for 4 days – people are poor and have barely food)
> They live in the mountains or remote and access to shops or the infrastructure is difficult.
The idea is to collect rainwater in tanks but also give them water tanks that can be supplied with water in remote areas with a truck that supplies water from areas that have access.
- Water tanks to collect and safe water
- Water truck to deliver water in remote areas

Endri Foundation started off 4 years ago with main focus on health care. Now they have grown a lot the past year and solve many problems. They provide help for sick and disables, education, do emergency aid, helped in many ways now after the earthquake to develop the community, rebuild facilities, provide food and medicine and build infrastructure. They care about transparency and are by far the most trustworthy and best organised NGO in Indonesia.