Youth Education Centre

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📞 CONTACT: Rian, good English, +62 878-5922-4945 (Whatsapp)
📍Location: -8.75936, 116.35535

💪 GOAL: In our program, we try to provide access to education especially for those who are from disadvantaged families and drop out of school – to ensure that no one is left behind. We care about social equality, therefore, we try to promote better education for our community, specifically in remote areas. Educate Lombok's youth is complementing the current curriculum. They think education gives you freedom and opportunity. Here some of their classes:
1. English training 2. Mathematics 3. Computer training 4. Leadership and management. 5. Woman development 6. Religion 7. Health Care 8. Art and skills offered in English. Furthermore, they give every month free healthcare for the village for those who can't afford a doctor (cost about 2,5 mil IDR, 165 Euro, 185 USD)

- They don't have a facility and want to build an outdoor classroom ( cost = 8 mil, 510 Euro, 570 USD)
- They collect donation for the free healthcare that they offer every month, maybe you can sponsor one month for 2,5 mil. Treat a whole village! (cost 2,5 mil, 165 Euro, 185 USD)
- Do you have some books or tools (like online software to share?)
- Visit them and join the English Class

The mission of our Education Centre is to help, empower and grow a smart generation in Lombok through education. We care about the following.
1. Influence and support the young generation to have high motivation to learn.
2. Prepare the young generation to compete in this globalised era with a well educated and innovative group of individual that come together in our community.
3. Building a young generation training them leadership and management as entrepreneurial skills.