Zero Waste Lombok

#️⃣ KEYWORDS: # sustainability # housing #recycle #entrepreneurship #localeconomy
📞 CONTACT: Rian, good English, +62 878-5922-4945 (Whatsapp)
💪 GOAL: They want to fight Lombok's plastic problem and support the local economy! They collect plastic and teach the poor community how to make bricks by providing tools and knowledge. They produce bricks and get paid per brick. Zero Waste Lombok is testing numerous products made of recycled material besides plastic or bricks. They focus on the bricks for now because Lombok needs to rebuild a lot of houses after the earthquake they test the material to solve the housing and trash crisis at the same time. This project is awesome because 1) It solves Lombok plastic problem. 2) It empowers people by creating job opportunities. 3) The plastic material might be cheaper than normal bricks and can be used to rebuild Lombok's broken homes.


- 7 mil Sponsorship to build a new prototype to melt plastic (faster production, no emission of smoke from burning plastic in the air anymore)
- New forms to melt bricks (1 form costs 400k) They want to evaluate different bricks that click into another and use them as an earthquake-resistant material min. 5 new form needed = 2 mil IDR ( 130 Euro, 145 USD)
Youth Care zero waste mission is to "inspire and empower Lombok society". Our main focus is the following.
1. Building Society Economics. (Empower people by supporting the local economy. Donations are great but to give people an income makes them independent.)
2. Inspire and empower the youth in the area.
3. Protect the environment and find sustainable solution to preserve our nature.