Bohem Femme is a business that tries to raise money for charity.
As a private person, I am value driven and try to incorporate those values in my business as well. I believe in the impact that people like you and me can create. I am not smarter, better or above anyone else. I am just like anyone else.

I am driven to create a better tomorrow. I believe business is a powerful tool and conscious consumption important part of it. Your buying decision is as powerful as a vote. You as a consumer decide who you want to support.

My goals of running this business:
✨ Make money to invest in education.
✨ Grow a community of like-minded humans.
✨ Evaluate new business models. That is rather value than profit driven.
✨ Be as transparent and trustworthy as possible.
✨ Co-create. Hit me up I am not a superhuman. I am always up for improvements.

5% of my Profit are invested for Charity

I will start with 5% but my long-term goal is to increase the amount I spend on charity. I am even wondering if I can even build a business which the only aim is to raise money for charity. But to establish and grow a business you need to keep some money in the company to develop an infrastructure. If you have experience in that – teach me better. I am crunching the numbers and always happy for feedback.

Education is the best investment in the future!

Check out my Partner Green Books, who will be receiving my donations. 


My Goal is to run this business as transparent as possible, which is the reason why I want to display 100% public how my donations are invested. I will personally document every step and keep you updates. Join me for this trip and see how your money is invested! Thanks so much.  ❤️

🔨 Production
Most of the production is in China. In order to get more control over the quality, production, labour condition, social impact and sustainability I am about to move more and more processes to Bali.

📦 Distribution
Bohem Femme does B2B as well and we have wholesale clients for our products. If you need larger amounts of stock to a better price, please get in contact.

💍 Custom made Jewellery
If you want to produce your own Jewelry (most likely in Silver or gold plated) and you are looking for a partner that takes care of the production – just text me. I am a trustworthy and quality driven person who can look after your production and ensure that all processes run successfully until the stock is shipped and on the way to you.