What happens after I donated the money?

Every Donation is tracked here


We will collect the money and spend it on the help supplies you purchased. We will provide bills to prove that 100% of the funds were spent and give you a drop point as pictures or videos to show how much impact your money had. 


Can I also go there myself and help?

Yes! We try to make the process as transparent as possible. We give names and WhatsApp numbers as their contact on social media. If you prefer to deliver a donation yourself you are more than welcome.


You want to help but don't send money?

Great! There are many ways to help and we believe you are just as creative as we are. Maybe you want to collect second-hand cloth or books or you have a totally different idea that e didn't consider how to help people in Lombok and share resources – make your day! 

You can reach Annika here:

WhatsApp:  +4915784263151

Email: annika.kuchenbuch@gmail.com